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Sony Laptop Repair UK is a well established repair workshop based in the heart of  Canary Wharf. We are a specialised team that can help you with  laptops in the London area. All repairs come with 3 months warranty. We support both businesses and corporate or end user clients to deliver the best customer care available. We understand the value of your data we never format hard drives or wipe data unless we are instructed to do so. Even if we did format your hard disk and deleted all your data we could still get it back. We have been repairing Sony laptops for over 20 years.

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Sony Ultrabook Fan Noisy Problem

Is your Sony laptop making loads of noise? is it disturbing your neighbors? Is it your fault? What can you do about it? The design of a Sony laptop is to suck in cold air and expel hot air by means of the fan. As the cold air is sucked in to the laptop small particles of dust is also sucked in to the laptop and this dust gets stuck in the grills,hence the laptop fan will need to be cleaned out,oiled and in some cases replaced.
Sony laptops will over heat if they are not serviced. On the ultra book series they become very noisy...

No image on Screen

Do you play games on your laptop? Do you use it for more than 6 hours a day? Do you feel like you cook your dinner from the heat from your laptop?

If you have answered yes to these questions then no doubt you will not have an image on your screen. Your screen is blank and you want to know why…

Whats the issue?

The reason is because your laptop graphics card got very hot and the solder underneath the chip just melted slightly. The laptops graphics card will need a Re flow. Here at Sony laptop repairs we are specialists in fixing this problem. Most repair companies will try to fix this using a hot gun or some other outdated method. At our workshop all repairs are carried out using the very latest Reflow machines imported from Hong Kong.

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