Sony laptop overheating

Is your sony laptop overheating? Why does it start to get hot? Is it your fault? What can you do about it? Sony make beautifull laptops. After using a laptop for a year the laptop will suck in cold air and expel hot air by means of the fan. As the cold air is sucked in to the laptop small particles of dust is also sucked in to the laptop and this dust gets stuck in the grills,hence the laptop fan will need to be cleaned out,oiled and in some cases replaced.
Sony laptops will over heat if they are not serviced. We have seen this problem hundreds of times and are able to get hold off the fans to make the replacement.
Over heating can sometimes be caused when the hard disk is full and there are many programs running. If you know a pc repair technician they may be able to point you in the right direction regarding air sprays and compressors for cleaning out fans.
Sometimes a sony laptop will over heat in the middle of burning a CD, this is because burning a cd requires a lot of proccesing power, in fact more power than any other program.
If you have a sony laptop and is over heating give the experts a call today.

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