Sony laptop broken hinge Fw21L







Sony laptops are beautiful. They are not however the strongest of laptops. Sometimes the hinge will break. This oftens happens on the sony vaio fw21L laptop hinge power connector.

































Give us a call today for free help and advice for all Sony laptop hinge problems..

You can see the Sony laptop hinge repair in the image above. . Hopefully you will keep hold of the hinge so that the engineer can repair it for you. The repair will usually take a couple of days. This is a more common problem than you can image !!


Sony Vaio Repair Specialists


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Sony laptop dim screen

Has the light gone out on your sony laptop? You might be able under a light to see your desktop, however the image is so dim you cant do any work on the laptop. There are a number of reasons for this. 1 reason is the inverter. The inverter puts a light on your screen. It could be the tube inside your screen. Or it could be e ribbon cable that connects to your inverter, or even the motherboard not sending a signal to the inverter. Whatever the reason for his this is one repair thst should not be attempted unless your a skilled electronics engineer. Call us today as voltages on inverters can exceed over 500 volts !!

If you require computer repair companies click here

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Sony laptop windows problem

If you switch on your laptop you may get the message missing operating system or operating system not found. You may not get any messgae your sony laptop may turn on but it may not boot to windows. All the above errors are because the operating system is corrupt. This is quite a serious problem. Its serious because it involves your data. The repair is quite easy, however being able to get your data back can be quite time consuming and therefore costly.
Do you have your recovery cds? Did you make the cds when you were asked when you first purchased the laptop? If you dont have the disks its best to call us for a repair.

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Sony laptop over heating

Is your sony laptop overheating? Why does it start to get hot? Is it your fault? What can you do about it? Sony make beautifull laptops. After using a laptop for a year the laptop will suck in cold air and expel hot air by means of the fan. As the cold air is sucked in to the laptop small particles of dust is also sucked in to the laptop and this dust gets stuck in the grills,hence the laptop fan will need to be cleaned out,oiled and in some cases replaced.
Sony laptops will over heat if they are not serviced. We have seen this problem hundreds of times and are able to get hold off the fans to make the replacement. on top of the processor is heatsink paste. This paste cools the cpu down helping to disapate the heat. The paste used can be seen in the above image. This paste and fan cools the laptop down.
Over heating can sometimes be caused when the hard disk is full and there are many programs running. If you know a pc repair technician they may be able to point you in the right direction regarding air sprays and compressors for cleaning out fans.
Sometimes a sony laptop will over heat in the middle of burning a CD, this is because burning a cd requires a lot of proccesing power, in fact more power than any other program.
If you have a sony laptop and is over heating give the experts a call today.

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Our Prices

sony-laptop-screenFor screen replacements ( This price is for fitting only, it does not include the screen – Most screens are around £99.00 )

Free-helpFor windows problems including reloading windows and saving data up to 40 gb.


sony-motherboard-repair-shopFor all motherboard repairs for sony laptops not turning on booting up or broken power pins.

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Sony Laptop broken power pin connector

sony broken pinSony laptops have an excellent power pin connector. Its strong and rarley breaks. Sony design them so they are not so rigid that they break easilly. In the image to the left you can see the older type of pin. The new type of pin is usually on a cable that connects to the motherboard. These are usually very strong. We do however feel that 1 model the fw21L has a design fault with the hinges. These hinges are constantly breaking just 1 small tap can break them off. All the other models have much stronger power pins. If you have this problem with this power pind connector hing broken give us a call today

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Sony hard disk problems

Whenever you carry your laptop, you should always pick it up with two hands. This is because most people will carry the laptop from the right hand corner below the keyboard. This is a massive mistake. Sony make thin good looking laptops. The thinness of the laptop is the problem in this instance. As you squeeze the laptop when you pick it up you inadvertantly squeeze the hard disk. This causes hard disk problems. You may switch your sony laptop on one day and recieve an error saying missing operating system or operating system not found. This usually signifies a software problem with the hard disk or a hard disk problem. Taking care to carry your laptop will save you lots of money. Anyone can replace the operating system but not everyone can retreive your data. Its the data on your sony laptop that is usually mote important than the hard disk.

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Sony laptop USB problems

Sony laptops rarely have usb problems. However you may have plugged a usb pen drive or broadband dongle into the usb port. Sometimes the port can get damaged by the dongle or pen drive. Inside the laptop the usb works with 5 volts. There are 2 data points and 1 positive and 1 negative. 4 points alltogether. The usb ports are quite easy to repair you just need to desolder the broken port and replace it with a new one. The big problem is when the usb suffers a short and blows the chipset. The sony laptop will in this case need the motherboard replaced.

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Sony laptop chipset problems

Sony laptops have excellent motherboards. Sometimes though the laptop will not turn on, this is in some cases because of the chipset. A sony vaio motherboard has two chipsets. One on the north bridge and one on the south bridge. The chipset control the voltages around the motherboard. When a chipset on a motherboard dies this is often very bad news. you can see in the image on the left the large chipset chip. A chipset does not have legs that you can unsolder and replace the chip. It has around 400 points underneath the chip that some times needs re balling. This is the process of placing tiny balls under the chip heating up the chip and board and replacing the chip in its original position. If a chipset dies on a motherboard there is only a 10% chance of repar. If the graphics card chipset dies and its made by intel the chances of repair are also around only 10%. if the graphics card chipset is made by nvidia then the chances of repair jump to 60%. A chipset problem on a sony laptop is the worst problem your laptop can have. If ou are based in London we can attend callouts to help. Or why not try laptop repairs in canary wharf. Even if your chipset cannot be repaired you can usually get all your data back from your hard disk as this will not be affected by the chipset problem.

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Sony laptop broken screen

If you own a sony laptop and you have broken your screan,no doubt you will be finding it dificult to acquire a new screens.
Sony do not sell screens ,however we are sony laptop specialists and have many contacts in order to acquire these screens .
The latest sony screens are led in other words,light emiting diodes. The older type of screens are liquid crystal display lcd.
We have many 8 inch ,9 inch ,10 inch ,13 inch ,14 inch,15.6 inch and 16 inch screens in stock. Laptop screens these days are moving towards LED. They use less power and have better viewing angles than LCD screens.
Its always best to check with us the type of screen you will need for your laptop.
If you live in london and you require a sony laptop screen give us a call today and our engineers can attend callouts all over London and fit the screen at your home or work place so for a great service for sony laptop screens and for free advice regarding your sony laptop give us a call.

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