Sony Laptop Blue screen Writing problem

If you are working on your laptop and get a blue screen like this, telling you all sorts of information what causes this blue screen problem? This problem is caused by around 10 different issues. The engineers job is to work out which one causes the problem. This is done by a process of elimination. The first thing to do is back up your data. sony-blue-screen

The next step is to clean out the fan and check the temperature of the processor or graphics card. The next step is to eliminate the problem being a software issue. An engineer will reinstall the operating system and see if the problem persists. If after reinstalling the operating system and the blue screen still appears on your Sony laptop,the engineer knows its now a hardware problem. The hardware is anything you can touch. For example it could be the memory or the processor or the hard disk even the fan. The blue screen is not a hard problem to solve but it is a little time consuming as you have to eliminate any probable causes. So the engineer will try a new hard disk to see if that works fine. If the Sony laptop boots up and works fine for half an hour then blue screens check the fan. The hardest problems is the graphics card. Check the writing on the screen it may say Ati has caused a fault or something like it. Ati is the make of graphics card. The graphics card BGA chipset may need a reflow.

We are the UK specialist for Sony laptop Reflow issues with the graphics card. The next step is to test the memory the memory may have grease on the connectors we have seen this problem hundreds of times before.

As you can see this process of elimination can take some time but we will always find the culprit and rid your laptop of these nasty blue screens.

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