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cwharfWhy not bring your laptop to our Canary wharf workshop?

Here at Sony Laptop repairs we often see fan issues. Laptops overheating and switching off. Sometimes the fan is completely full of dust as you can see in the images below. The laptop fan cools down the processor and graphics card. When the laptop overheats there is a chance that one of these chips will stop working too.

In the image below we are taking the fan to bits. The fan sucks in cool air from outside the laptop and expels hot air that has been heated by the processor and graphics card. If the laptop takes in air that is dirty, IE there is lots of dust in the air or hairs from a pet and even leaving the laptop on overnight under a bed will cause overheating problems. The laptop acts just like a hoover.




This Fan must have the dust removed. The fan motor cleaned and wd40 applied to the inner fan for greater maneuverability. It will require cleaning and when put back together, Heatsink paste compound must be applied to the graphics card and processor. This will assist in cooling the laptop down. Sometimes a bios upgrade may be needed. This is due to manufacturers understanding the problem and recognizing that the fan will need to spin more rapidly or frequently. They will release an update for the BIOS ( basic input output system)   This software will tell the hardware to run more often. However a BIOS update should only be carried out if you have some technical knowledge of how dangerous this can be.

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