Has your screen got red vertical lines or horizontal lines over your screen?  Is the screen pix -elated with red or green blocks or lines on it. Then you have a very common issue with Sony laptops. We see this problem every day at out workshop. Most companies will tell you its a graphics card fault and that you need to replace the screen.

This is so false. This is an easy repair for skilled engineers. Here at Sony Laptop repairs our engineers who have worked for Sony understand this problem and can fix it for you. The issue has to do with the cooling of your laptop. Your fans are probably blocked with dust. Do you remember your laptop getting hot? The graphics card got very hot in fact, the heat on the BGA chip set went over 200 degrees. This caused your graphics card to slightly lift off your motherboard. There are around 200 tiny connectors underneath your graphics card chip set and now one or two of them has disconnected.

We have the latest re balling re flow machines from Hong Kong. We can fix the screen problem by reflowing your graphics card and we have a 90% success rate.

Why not give us a call today and have you up and running in 24 hours.

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