Do you play games on your laptop? Do you use it for more than 6 hours a day? Do you feel like you cook your dinner from the heat from your laptop?

If you have answered yes to these questions then no doubt you have no image on your screen. Your screen is blank and you want to know why…

The reason is because your laptop graphics card got very hot and the solder underneath the chip just melted slightly. The laptops graphics card will need a Reflow or Reball. Here at Sony laptop repairs we are specialists in fixing this problem. Most repair companies will try to fix this using a hot gun or some other outdated method. At our workshop all repairs are carried out using the very latest Reflow machines imported from Hong Kong.

We have a 95% success reate in reflowing graphics cards Ati chipsets and Nvidia Chipsets and Intel BGA chipsets are repaired at our workshop.

So to see your image back on your screen and to get you back up and running again give us a call today.

0800 118 2275

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