Sony Laptop Not turning on

Did you know becasue we have repaired more sony vaio laptops than any other laptop repair company we understand the most common problem they have. The most common problem on a sony vaio laptop is that the laptop will not turn on. Why is this? There is a number of reasons sony laptops will not boot up. First you may have blown chips on the motherboard. If you put the wrong charger in the back of your laptop your sony laptop may stop booting.

Another reason is overheating. If the fans are blocked or broken your laptop will not turn on. If your laptop had a large power surge your laptop may not turn on and the board will need to be examined. If you pick up your laptop with one hand you may be bending the motherboard and cause bad contact this will stop your laptop turning on. Its always a good idea to call a Sony Laptop company for advice as they can help you to get to the root of the issue. Another issue is liquid damage.  


Liquid Damage

This is a common problem for sony laptops not turning on. you may feel you have never put your laptop near any liquid. However if you use your laptop near a bathroom or on a widow ledge in winter, you cannot see the condensation but trust us we have seen this problem hundreds of times. Some of the contacts on the board will need to be cleaned. This is anothert reason a sony laptop will not turn on.  We have the knowledge and know how to carry out this work. The liquids some companies use to clean the motherboards can actually cause more harm than good. We have written extensivley about Sony Laptops not Turning on because we have seen every problem in the book.

So please leave your laptop with the experts and we will repair it for you. If your sony laptop is not turning on Give us a call today.

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