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cwharfWhy not bring your laptop to our Canary wharf workshop?

Here at Sony Laptop repairs we often see fan issues. Laptops overheating and switching off. Sometimes the fan is completely full of dust as you can see in the images below. The laptop fan cools down the processor and graphics card. When the laptop overheats there is a chance that one of these chips will stop working too.

In the image below we are taking the fan to bits. The fan sucks in cool air from outside the laptop and expels hot air that has been heated by the processor and graphics card. If the laptop takes in air that is dirty, IE there is lots of dust in the air or hairs from a pet and even leaving the laptop on overnight under a bed will cause overheating problems. The laptop acts just like a hoover.




This Fan must have the dust removed. The fan motor cleaned and wd40 applied to the inner fan for greater maneuverability. It will require cleaning and when put back together, Heatsink paste compound must be applied to the graphics card and processor. This will assist in cooling the laptop down. Sometimes a bios upgrade may be needed. This is due to manufacturers understanding the problem and recognizing that the fan will need to spin more rapidly or frequently. They will release an update for the BIOS ( basic input output system)   This software will tell the hardware to run more often. However a BIOS update should only be carried out if you have some technical knowledge of how dangerous this can be.

For all SONY FAN REPAIRS and advice call 0800 118 2275

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Do you play games on your laptop? Do you use it for more than 6 hours a day? Do you feel like you cook your dinner from the heat from your laptop?

If you have answered yes to these questions then no doubt you have no image on your screen. Your screen is blank and you want to know why…

The reason is because your laptop graphics card got very hot and the solder underneath the chip just melted slightly. The laptops graphics card will need a Reflow or Reball. Here at Sony laptop repairs we are specialists in fixing this problem. Most repair companies will try to fix this using a hot gun or some other outdated method. At our workshop all repairs are carried out using the very latest Reflow machines imported from Hong Kong.

We have a 95% success reate in reflowing graphics cards Ati chipsets and Nvidia Chipsets and Intel BGA chipsets are repaired at our workshop.

So to see your image back on your screen and to get you back up and running again give us a call today.

0800 118 2275

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Welcome to sony laptop Repairs London

Finally a Laptop Repair Company in London thats totally dedicated to Sony vaio laptop repairs. Our engineers have 16 years experience in sony repairs. We are sony specialists in parts, in motherboard repairs and in aquiring Sony Vaio screens.  If you have a sony vaio problem we have seen it before.  Last year we repaired over 400 Sony Laptops. If your laptop will not turn on or you have broken your screen give the experts a call today.

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Sony laptop broken hinge Fw21L







Sony laptops are beautiful. They are not however the strongest of laptops. Sometimes the hinge will break. This oftens happens on the sony vaio fw21L laptop hinge power connector.

































Give us a call today for free help and advice for all Sony laptop hinge problems..

You can see the Sony laptop hinge repair in the image above. . Hopefully you will keep hold of the hinge so that the engineer can repair it for you. The repair will usually take a couple of days. This is a more common problem than you can image !!


Sony Vaio Repair Specialists


0800 118 2275

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Our Prices

sony-laptop-screenFor screen replacements ( This price is for fitting only, it does not include the screen – Most screens are around £99.00 )

Free-helpFor windows problems including reloading windows and saving data up to 40 gb.


sony-motherboard-repair-shopFor all motherboard repairs for sony laptops not turning on booting up or broken power pins.

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Sony Laptop broken power pin connector

sony broken pinSony laptops have an excellent power pin connector. Its strong and rarley breaks. Sony design them so they are not so rigid that they break easilly. In the image to the left you can see the older type of pin. The new type of pin is usually on a cable that connects to the motherboard. These are usually very strong. We do however feel that 1 model the fw21L has a design fault with the hinges. These hinges are constantly breaking just 1 small tap can break them off. All the other models have much stronger power pins. If you have this problem with this power pind connector hing broken give us a call today

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Sony hard disk problems

Whenever you carry your laptop, you should always pick it up with two hands. This is because most people will carry the laptop from the right hand corner below the keyboard. This is a massive mistake. Sony make thin good looking laptops. The thinness of the laptop is the problem in this instance. As you squeeze the laptop when you pick it up you inadvertantly squeeze the hard disk. This causes hard disk problems. You may switch your sony laptop on one day and recieve an error saying missing operating system or operating system not found. This usually signifies a software problem with the hard disk or a hard disk problem. Taking care to carry your laptop will save you lots of money. Anyone can replace the operating system but not everyone can retreive your data. Its the data on your sony laptop that is usually mote important than the hard disk.

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Sony laptop USB problems

Sony laptops rarely have usb problems. However you may have plugged a usb pen drive or broadband dongle into the usb port. Sometimes the port can get damaged by the dongle or pen drive. Inside the laptop the usb works with 5 volts. There are 2 data points and 1 positive and 1 negative. 4 points alltogether. The usb ports are quite easy to repair you just need to desolder the broken port and replace it with a new one. The big problem is when the usb suffers a short and blows the chipset. The sony laptop will in this case need the motherboard replaced.

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Sony Laptop Not turning on

Did you know becasue we have repaired more sony vaio laptops than any other laptop repair company we understand the most common problem they have. The most common problem on a sony vaio laptop is that the laptop will not turn on. Why is this? There is a number of reasons sony laptops will not boot up. First you may have blown chips on the motherboard. If you put the wrong charger in the back of your laptop your sony laptop may stop booting.

Another reason is overheating. If the fans are blocked or broken your laptop will not turn on. If your laptop had a large power surge your laptop may not turn on and the board will need to be examined. If you pick up your laptop with one hand you may be bending the motherboard and cause bad contact this will stop your laptop turning on. Its always a good idea to call a Sony Laptop company for advice as they can help you to get to the root of the issue. Another issue is liquid damage.  


Liquid Damage

This is a common problem for sony laptops not turning on. you may feel you have never put your laptop near any liquid. However if you use your laptop near a bathroom or on a widow ledge in winter, you cannot see the condensation but trust us we have seen this problem hundreds of times. Some of the contacts on the board will need to be cleaned. This is anothert reason a sony laptop will not turn on.  We have the knowledge and know how to carry out this work. The liquids some companies use to clean the motherboards can actually cause more harm than good. We have written extensivley about Sony Laptops not Turning on because we have seen every problem in the book.

So please leave your laptop with the experts and we will repair it for you. If your sony laptop is not turning on Give us a call today.

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Sony Laptop Blue screen Writing problem

If you are working on your laptop and get a blue screen like this, telling you all sorts of information what causes this blue screen problem? This problem is caused by around 10 different issues. The engineers job is to work out which one causes the problem. This is done by a process of elimination. The first thing to do is back up your data. sony-blue-screen

The next step is to clean out the fan and check the temperature of the processor or graphics card. The next step is to eliminate the problem being a software issue. An engineer will reinstall the operating system and see if the problem persists. If after reinstalling the operating system and the blue screen still appears on your Sony laptop,the engineer knows its now a hardware problem. The hardware is anything you can touch. For example it could be the memory or the processor or the hard disk even the fan. The blue screen is not a hard problem to solve but it is a little time consuming as you have to eliminate any probable causes. So the engineer will try a new hard disk to see if that works fine. If the Sony laptop boots up and works fine for half an hour then blue screens check the fan. The hardest problems is the graphics card. Check the writing on the screen it may say Ati has caused a fault or something like it. Ati is the make of graphics card. The graphics card BGA chipset may need a reflow.

We are the UK specialist for Sony laptop Reflow issues with the graphics card. The next step is to test the memory the memory may have grease on the connectors we have seen this problem hundreds of times before.

As you can see this process of elimination can take some time but we will always find the culprit and rid your laptop of these nasty blue screens.

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Here at Sony laptop repairs we have Sony vaio 15.5 laptop screens in stock.

Please be aware of cheap imitations.

All our screens are priced at £99.00 this includes fitting !

We are based in Canary wharf and will never be beaten on price.


Give us a call today and allow our SONY experts repair your laptop for you.


0800 118 2275


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Has your screen got red vertical lines or horizontal lines over your screen?  Is the screen pix -elated with red or green blocks or lines on it. Then you have a very common issue with Sony laptops. We see this problem every day at out workshop. Most companies will tell you its a graphics card fault and that you need to replace the screen.

This is so false. This is an easy repair for skilled engineers. Here at Sony Laptop repairs our engineers who have worked for Sony understand this problem and can fix it for you. The issue has to do with the cooling of your laptop. Your fans are probably blocked with dust. Do you remember your laptop getting hot? The graphics card got very hot in fact, the heat on the BGA chip set went over 200 degrees. This caused your graphics card to slightly lift off your motherboard. There are around 200 tiny connectors underneath your graphics card chip set and now one or two of them has disconnected.

We have the latest re balling re flow machines from Hong Kong. We can fix the screen problem by reflowing your graphics card and we have a 90% success rate.

Why not give us a call today and have you up and running in 24 hours.

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Sony Laptop Repairs (In London)

Sony laptops and desktop all in one repair services. Its not easy to find Sony Vaio specialists in London. However we are based in East London in Canary wharf and specialize in Sony all in one repair services for models like the VGC models. We also repair every Sony make and model on the market. Usual repair prices start from £50.00 and we give the standard 3 months warranty on all our repairs. Some repairs come with one year warranty.

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Sony Inverters

Inside the laptop screen is an inverter. This is the case on all LCD sony laptop screens. The LED screen does not require an inverter as the screen has around 30 leds at the bottom of the screen that push the light from the bottom to the top of the screen. We sell inverters for sony laptops. We do however require an image of your inverter so we can match it up for you. All our sony inverters are £50.00.

So if your screen is dark you may have a problem with your inverter. This is not always the problem. At times in the past we have sent out inverters but the problem was with the screen tube. For all sony inverter problems give us a call today.

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Sony Laptop graphics card problem.

The graphics card on a laptop is what draws an image on the screen. No image means you graphics card has a problem. There is a 50/50 chance of repair with graphics card problems. Many companies will tell you they can reball the graphics card chipset and it will last forever. For many years we have been repairing these graphics cards much longer than any other company. We have tried reflowing the chipset and reballing the chipset ( rhetoric for fixing the graphics card)

In around 30% of cases the laptop will be returned with the same problem. It may last a month or 6 months or even 2 years but it will have the same problem again as soon as the fans are blocked or the laptop overheats. If you have a graphics card problem, give the experts a call help is at hand.

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Sony laptop broken cd or dvd drive

Can you hear your cd rom or Dvd revving up?. Has your drive stopped reading your data. Maybe you cant burn disks anymore. These are the usual problems when a dvd or cd rom drive dies on a sony laptop. Sometimes a disk cleaner will fix the problem. In many cases though the drive itself will need to be replaced. The sony dvd drive works with 5 volts. When they break you will need the same drive with the same voltage. These are not always that easy to aquire. As we are sony specialits we can get your drive for you. We have many or these dvd re-writer drives in stock and can attend callouts in london to help fix your laptop for you.

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